Landscape Design by Creekstone Landscapes

Creekstone Landscapes offers you a landscaping & hardscaping paradise. Our professional technicians have been providing the Metro Atlanta area with this beauty for many years. Our services include landscaping, hardscaping, drainage solutions, concrete and stone works, retaining walls, woodwork and decks, and more. We do it all.

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Over 25 Years Of Turning Landscaping Visions Into Reality

From landscaping to hardscaping, the professionals at Creekstone Landscapes can install your project with its own talented artisans and quality landscaping equipment. Using our extensive knowledge of soils, plants, landscape materials, and construction techniques, we are well qualified for any size project. We employ all our resources to achieve the best possible results, no matter the scale. 

Let Creekstone Landscapes Create A Backdrop For Your Memories

Great communication & planning is the foundation for great landscape design and is the key to creating an outdoor space that you look forward to seeing every day. As with anything in life that is important, planning and creativity are paramount. Our goal at Creekstone Landscapes is to listen carefully to what your vision is, and then utilize our talents in landscaping and hardscaping to build that vision for you.

With over 25 years of experience in the beautiful Metro Atlanta area, we have a long list of satisfied clients who we proudly helped “re-create” their home! We encourage you to request a list of these satisfied clients who live near you to discuss their experiences. Every new client has a different set of ideas, visions and expectations. That becomes the starting point for our work. Call at your convenience and maybe, if we are fortunate, we can add you and your family to our family of clients. (770) 951-1414.

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