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It’s Time to Design Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

By: Creekstone Landscape January 18, 2024 4:08 am

It’s Time to Design Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that everyone here at Candide is obsessed with gardening. Which means our spare time is split pretty evenly between playing around in our own gardens and our staff at Creekstone Landscapes is driven by our shared enthusiasm for gardening, which serves as the company’s beating heart. We have reached a point where it is second nature to us to maintain a healthy equilibrium between tending to our own gardens and indulging in the beautiful world of other people who are passionate about gardening. Our top ten gardening blogs for 2019 are a chosen list that we feel will fascinate and inspire you. With this shared love in mind, we are delighted to bring this list to you. reading about other people’s.

Alexander Campbell’s “The Middle-Sized Garden” is the first item on the list.
Have you ever found yourself confronted with the enormous work of weeding while also yearning to enlarge your garden? If this is the case, then Alexandra Campbell’s Middle-Sized Garden is the perfect book for you. As she addresses typical gardening issues, Alexandra demonstrates her experience by providing insights on how to manage time, how to handle specific plants such as cannas and courgettes, and how to make gardens of a medium size into horticultural marvels.

Then fill in a second layer of a different type of greenery around the outer edge, cascading over the first layer a bit. Fill in the inside with a spiky branch that stands up, like Fraser fir.

The Jungle Marvel, written by Dan Cooper and published by Frustrated Gardener:
A perfect example of the “more is more” concept is the jungle garden that Dan Cooper has created on the coast of Kent. You will be taken on a visual voyage through an exotic paradise as you explore Frustrated Gardener, which is filled to the brim with breathtaking subtropical flowers. Spend some time reading this blog to get a dose of inspiration, particularly if you are drawn to the idea of a lush and bright garden decor.

blog gallery 1

blog gallery 2

Growing Family

Mark Ridsdill Smith’s Vertical Veg is the third selection.
By utilizing his skill in container growing, Vertical Veg’s creator, Mark Ridsdill Smith, challenges the norms that are typically associated with gardening traditions. Through the transformation of modest balconies and windowsills into flourishing green areas, Mark’s blog is an essential read for anyone who are experiencing a lack of space or who are looking for inspirational ideas for unusual gardening. Throughout each and every piece, his capacity to make gardening approachable and pleasant is made abundantly clear.

Increasing the Size of the Family Through Mark’s Gardening Adventures:
Mark invites you to join him on his gardening adventures in Growing Family, where he discusses the pleasures and difficulties of maintaining a garden that is thriving. Mark welcomes readers to join him on his trip by providing them with useful advice on how to care for plants and by chronicling the development of his green spaces.

  1. I know this is an unpopular opinion.
  2. But can we stop buying plants from Costco? Or any other windowless wholesale club
  3. Consider buying plants that are sold outdoors, that are not wrapped in plastic/kept
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