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    All about hardscapes

    What do we know about hardscapes?  They’re expensive?  They’re difficult to install?  Both of these thoughts can be correct at times, however if you approach a hardscape properly it can be a pain-free experience.  Adding hardscape(s) to your outdoor space is one of the most important things you can do to change the aesthetics and functionality of your area.  Also, if done correctly, you may have a great return on the investment which is always an added bonus. Unless you’re quite handy in a variety of trades it may be a good idea to consult a professional to assist with all phases of adding or replacing a hardscape in your…

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    Choosing the right landscape company

    With so many factors that play a role, selecting the best landscaper for your lawn needs can be tricky. What isn’t tricky is the value Americans place on professional landscaping services, with most people saying it’s important their yards are well-maintained, according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Among the 2,034 U.S. adults surveyed, 67 percent agree that professional landscape help would allow them to have a nicer yard. Before asking potential landscapers questions about your project, you should probably ask yourself some first. Full-service vs. maintenance landscape company If you’re interested in having design or installation work done, however, you may need to find…

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    As their name implies, annuals are plants that complete their life cycle in only one season. Typically used to add seasonal color to flowerbeds and planters, these prolific bloomers die back after flowering. Removing spent blooms will stimulate annuals to produce more showy flowers. Common annuals are marigold, vinca, begonia, coleus, zinnia, impatiens, petunia, nasturtium and pentas. But climate plays a big role in determing an annual plant’s lifecycle — some varieties of daisies, geranium, lantana, mandevilla, pansies and verbena are perennials in warm climates.